Face, Lips, Body Full Offering

Face, Lips, Body Full Offering

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Save $25 when you purchase every product from our minimalist, multi-tasking line. The full H IS FOR LOVE range will cover every one of your skin’s needs.

Use RAPHA to effortlessly remove makeup, cleanse away the day, and to stimulate brow growth by leaving on brows overnight.

Mist with POLLEN to reintroduce balance after cleansing with tap water; to prep skin for oil and balm, and to prep eyelashes for perfectly separated application. Mist throughout the day for a refresh - especially after a workout.

Press Nectar into damp skin. Suitable for even the most acne-prone, NECTAR acts as a type of serum to aid in rebuilding the lipid barrier. Can be mixed with BARA for the full spectrum of fatty-acids and herbal healing.

Seal in hydration and moisturization with the powerhouse that is BARA. Formulated to be the lightest balm, BARA mimics your own skin’s sebum and never feels heavy. Leaving a sheer coat of protection along with precious oils and herbs aimed and healing scar tissue. Can be mixed with NECTAR, pressed over the top, or used on its own immediately after POLLEN.

PROPOLIS is a once a week purifying treatment for all skin types. Customize it to your skin’s individual needs by mixing with raw honey, whole milk yogurt, or purified water. May be mixed with POLLEN for the ultimate spa treatment. Mix with water and use as a gentle exfoliant one to two times a week. Use as a spot treatment for troublesome areas. Don’t forget your beautiful neck when you’re masking!

LIP CONDITIONER is not only long-lasting and buttery, it multi-tasks! Use it above the eyelids for a dewy glow. Under the eyes for an overnight softening treatment. Or, on the cuticles to keep them healthy and strong. If you care about natural, this is the most clean. If you care about performance, after using our LIP CONDITIONER, you’ll never go back.

GLACÉ! The perfect popsicle pout. When you want a touch of life and color without committing to a full lip. Because the color is derived from roots and berries, GLACÉ compliments nearly any shade. Dab onto cheeks for a kiss of color. Layer for extra shine.

LIN. What did we do before this wonder? Not only does is smell other-worldly, with hints of vetiver, citrus, and vanilla, it changes skin. LIN doesn’t slip through your fingers like so many scrubs out there. It’s made to stay intact, and it doubles as a perfect lip scrub. MAGIC.

KINU is the icing on the LIN cake. When you massage this beauty into skin still damp from your shower or bath, because your skin has been properly exfoliated, it absorbs KINU leaving a matte finish and just a touch of gorgeous gold mica that shimmers when caught in just the right light. The scent was designed to be the top note of LIN. Like a gorgeous fragrance perfectly balanced, KINU completes LIN in scent and execution.

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