Cleansing Cloth

Cleansing Cloth


The right tool always produces the best results. That’s why we offer this custom made, 100% organic cotton cleansing cloth to ensure you get the most out of your skin care ritual. You’ll love the indulgent feeling of the ultra soft cotton against your skin as you gently and remove our products and maximize their therapeutic benefits.

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This beautiful cloth is entirely organic and custom made in the U.S. for H IS FOR LOVE. It is very soft, much like a thick fleece fabric, and so is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It is important to use flat weave cloths like muslin or linen on facial skin, as opposed to terrycloth which can be too abrasive. Our soft organic cloths take oil cleansing to the next level of gentle, reduce exfoliation, and leave skin free from oil residue, leaving you and your skin calm and happy.

*Please note that because of the color of these cloths, and their intended purpose of removing makeup and debris, they may show staining. Using harsh stain removers defeats the purpose of choosing an organic face cloth, so sometimes stains remain after laundering.

**Tip: To keep cloth soft, instead of ringing out, squeeze. Spray with a natural stain remover, and air dry before placing in laundry basket.


An entirely organic and unbleached cotton cloth with organic unbleached cotton thread. 12 x 12 inches and pre-shrunk, although slight shrinkage may occur. Our cloths have a loop for hanging to ensure they dry as quickly as possible.


To be used with RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser: (a.m.) Massage a small amount of cleanser into damp skin. With a warm, damp cloth, steam face for a minimum of 10 seconds. Gently wipe away remaining oil.

(p.m.) Massage 4-6 pumps of cleanser into dry skin. Allow the nutrient-rich herbal oils to fully dissolve makeup and debris. Steam and remove as above. Follow with a gentle exfoliant when necessary or desired.