H IS FOR LOVE has potent products that are loved because they work beautifully to add radiance and reduce fine lines. Each and every piece in the line is known for its efficacy, especially BARA BALM which is very effective at reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles.
— Vogue India

My skin has never felt or looked so good! I had combination skin with extremes of both oily and dry and H IS FOR LOVE balanced it all out. Love your line so much! You can tell every single product is your love child because they transform your skin in a way no other line has ever done for me. Basically I’m obsessed”
— Laura

Out of the millions of cleansing oils I’ve tried, RAPHA is the absolute best. You don’t know a cleansing oil until you’ve tried it.
— Nicki

I’m thrilled to have been introduced to your lovely products...[they] are truly one of a kind and I’ve been enjoying them immensely.
— Emily

I found my holy grail cosmetics.
— Angelica

If your love for cleansing oils is real, RAPHA is a must have item.
— Vidya skin is softer, tighter, and my pores are less noticeable. The clarifying benefits of PROPOLIS are also amazing and another one of the many reasons why this mask is special.
— Emily

...defined by the excruciatingly careful and thoughtful choice of ingredients, the exquisite play of texture and scent, and the overall visceral and emotional response that it elicits that takes it from the realm of functional skincare to a soul feeding food.
— Lavanya of The Boxwalla

— Yael

KINU takes decadent to the next level! When I first opened the jar the scent alone grabbed me and then I did the little test and I was hooked for life! Yes it’s true! It is truly a jar of whipped golden perfection. It absorbs quickly with no greasiness and leaves the most beautiful subtle shimmer. This is one of those products that you savor because it’s just that good. Send me a truckload of this stuff...PLEASE!”
— Rhonda

H IS FOR LOVE. How beautiful, elegant and soulful can a brand be?
— Tiana

RAPHA is pure magic! I can honestly say that I love everything about this cleanser. It removes makeup like a champ, moisturizes and plumps my skin, and instantly makes me feel at peace when I inhale it’s lovely scent.
— Candace

I’m in LOVE with KINU - seriously this stuff makes your body glow in the best way.
— Fiona

H IS FOR LOVE is one the best luxuries you can give your face. Every product is organic and wild sourced and the smells are heaven.
— Laura

Bee surely knows her stuff.
— Shraddha

So in love with my oil cleansing routine, now with RAPHA being the star of the show. I’ve been using PROPOLIS a couple of times a week and love how my skin feels afterwards! I wish you all could smell KINU! Incredible.
— Rachael

H IS FOR LOVE luxurious is an understatement...a level of love and care like your body is a temple - the way it should be.
— Brig

Every product from H IS FOR LOVE is not only uber effective but an incredible sensory experience. If BARA is the scent of a ‘secret garden,’ then PROPOLIS is the scent of sacred temples and ancient shrines. RAPHA smells like the deepest, loveliest chamomile tea and KINU? Oh KINU is the spirit of all the Autumns past, distilled into a jar.
— Lavanya
I am completely in rapture!!! Right now in New York City it’s 9° and as soon as I put the lip balm on & go outside my lips feel not only moisturized and full and hydrated but it lasts for hours!!!
Thank you with all of my heart.
— Paulina
I’m loving the products. I have acne prone skin and it’s been helping my current acne scars fade and I’ve had very few new zits. My skin tone is so much more even and less red too. Love how moisturized my skin feels. Awesome stuff.
— Leah
I just wanted to say I love them all, the mask feels so good and makes my skin glow. The glacé and palmarosa are so addictive I can’t live without now!!

And thanks to the samples I just had to go ahead and get pollen, rapha and face oil.

It is very apparent that there is much love in the products and your whole business approach. And I just wanted to say I appreciate and thank you for your energy and dedication.

Truly H is for love!!
— Kristina
I’m so excited to be a part of the growing H is for Love fan base. I’m loving everything. Especially here in MN where our winter has been pretty harsh I now feel like my skin will make it thru the season.

Thank you for the samples. I’ve been curious about the Propolis and now have the opportunity to try it. It will probably be part of my next order.

Also started drinking your breakfast bev, which I call Love potion ( I know cheesy, right), but it great!

Thanks so much for all the care you put into everything.
— Sherry Lee
I am absolutely IN LOVE with all the H products.  I started with the Boxwalla last year and really loved the cleanser and KINU... then I bought myself both lip products and a sample pack of the full line at Imortel spa in Spokane...I loved the results and was THRILLED to order the entire line from you and receive a free LIN.  What decadence!  I have been going through a LOT emotionally and was feeling like a withered up old crone...  Since using H regularly for 2 months I have noticed a DRASTIC difference in my skin and   look different to myself in the mirror.   Giving the precious gift of facial self care to this face each day is SO worth it.  I can feel the quality and the love every single time.  I  Thank you!

Also, I am addicted to Pollen.  I have been a life long red faced woman... any time I get hot, or drink alcohol, or get embarrassed... vasovagal response ensues and my face gets SO red and blotchy...  Pollen totally works to calm my face.  Its amazing. I keep refilling my travel size to carry with me when I go out.  

Thank you for following your love for nature and for creating such beautiful products for us all.

Again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  
— Andrea
I just received my package this Saturday, and I ADORE the Glace, Propolis Mask, and the samples you so generously included. I have followed your Instagram account for several months, but this was my first purchase. It’s very evident (even from Instagram) that you all operate with authenticity, and as your name implies, a love for what you do. Every last detail about the products, packaging, samples, and hand-written note made the purchase special. Is it normal to gush over this kind of thing? ;) 

I am sure this is the first of many orders! Thank you for creating such beautiful products and a business that sincerely cares. 
— Amanda
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for creating Kinu. Living in harsh climates wreaks havoc on my skin. This morning I woke up with eczema everywhere. My hand was raw, swollen, and so itchy. I stuck it in the freezer for relief. I wasn’t sure I would make it through the day. I applied Kinu and felt instant relief. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever wonder if you were meant for this, you were. And if you ever wonder if what you do matters, it does. It quite literally changes lives. It did for me.
— Brittany