Did you know that POLLEN is a floral mist, toner, and pH balanced hydrator for your skin?

POLLEN provides astringent benefits, is antibacterial, calms irritation, and evens skin tone.

When people ask us what our desert island product is, it has to be POLLEN. That’s because POLLEN is a bit of a cure-all. It can be used by everyone for a variety of remedies and it delivers measurable results, making believers out of even the most skeptical converts to natural beauty.

Here are some ways to use POLLEN throughout your day!

1) Mist face liberally after cleansing with tap water to re-introduce perfect balance to your skin. (Our facial skin lives at around 5.5 on the pH scale, just like POLLEN.)

2) Press oils and balm into skin damp with POLLEN to ensure the hydration you’re sealing is perfect for your skin.

3) Mist after oils to seal in the moisture. Remember that oil and water repel, so drive that hydration/moisturization deeper into the dermis by spritzing!

4) Mist lashes prior to the application of mascara for beautiful separation and no clumping!

5) Mist after finishing makeup to set it with a dewy glow.

6) Bring POLLEN with you so you always have it as an aromatheraputic pick-me-up, a refreshing mist to help you get through the middle of your work day, and especially for right after the gym when your face may not be at its freshest. Mist to bring your skin some much needed balance until you can cleanse the day away!

With LOVE, 


Elizabeth Simonds